Rabu, 17 Maret 2021

Tech in Asia Product Development Conference 2021 - 7-8 APRIL 2021


 New products pop up every so often but breakthrough ones that positively 
 impact people’s lives are rare. Building an impactful product is not 
 just about being bigger and better on the surface.
 It’s also aboutbuilding something that can delight customers,  double
 your business growth, and achieve  whatever outcome you’re dreaming of.
 Tech in Asia’s signature Product Development Conference 2021 will
 bring together the brightest minds behind successful companies and
 teach you how to do exactly that.
On April 7 and 8, join over 3,000 product professionals at Tech in Asia’s signature Product Development Conference to get a holistic and in-depth view on how to build outcome-oriented products.

Learn from 20+ leading experts in the product development industry to discover trade secrets in product strategy, engineering, growth, analytics, and operations.

With over 10 hours of value-packed keynote speeches, panel discussions, and live Q&A sessions, the conference will equip you with the tools you need to supercharge your business.

Network with industry leaders and thousands of like-minded product professionals – all from the comfort of your own home.

Dapatkan tiket kamu dengan diskon 50% di pdc.techinasia.com!

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